Chania, Crete - Greece

Chania is, above all, an island, therefore all sorts of places are in a short driving distance. Places of unparalleled beauty, combining the mountain nature and the sea freshness, are near and you can visit them during your daily excursions.


The soil in Crete and Chania in particular is very fertile. Chania is famous for the olive oil and the wine productions, while the later years several beer breweries have been popping up in the island with exceptional beers.


Pallada is a brand of exquisite virgin olive oil, and the family behind it provides the guests with the opportunity to visit their premises, have a tour around and understand the production process and have an olive oil tasting. Of course, a traditional Cretan treat that consists completely of pure, Cretan products is also included in the daily schedule, highlighting the Cretan hospitality.


In Chania, wine is more than just a tradition, it is a way of life. Manousakis winery is one of the most notebale wineries in the area, and you can visit it for a day of wine-tasting or other great activities planned out for you. An off-road vineyard tour, a wine dinner under the stars, a winery tour or a visit in their restaurant with dishes that pair perfectly with their wines are all options you can choose from.


If you are interested in learning more about beer brewing, the state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and operationally clean Cretan Brewery is waiting to welcome you. You can have a tour in their brewery or choose to have a cooking class in their premises. In any case, this will be a fascinating experience!

Gorges & Caves

Monastery of Agia Kiriaki

The monastery set in Agia Kiriaki, in less than an hour drive from Psamathi, you will find an oasis of beauty and serenity. With a compelling story behind it, the monastery, the small gorge and the caves within it will give you the essence of adventure you were looking for.

Kydoni Gorge

Kydoni Gorge, probably the most blossoming and flourishing gorge in Crete, is a natural work of art. Actually, the flora is so thick that, as one goes through the gorge, there are only some spots where the sun actually passes through the trees. If you love nature, this option promises to be one of your greatest experiences.

Kyklamino gorge

Kyklamino gorge is one of the most diverse natural places in Crete. Besides the river that goes through it, in the two-hour long wandering the landscape changes multiple times, therefore the guests witness fascinating natural lakes forming along the route, with the shadows of the trees facilitating your journey through the gorge.


Seitan Limania

Seitan Limania is climbing year by year to the first places of the best beaches in the world. A spectacular landscape with crystal clear waters that will certainly be one of the highlights of your summer vacation in Chania. Just remember to bring proper shoes to go through the dirt road that leads to this magnificent beach. The end of the road will definitely be more than rewarding!


In Stavros, a seaside village located near Psamathi, you will find one of the most serene and picturesque beaches of the island. The eye-popping blue waters and the imposing, fascinating hill create a contrast hard to forget. Fully accessible, this dreamy sandy beach became widely popular in the 1970s with the film ‘Zorba the Greek’ where Anthony Quinn danced the famous Sirtaki on the sand, building the myth around the island.



Being on an island has many perks, the most important of which is being surrounded by water that can facilitate the most amazing activities. One of the most popular activities among our guests is diving, which will get your adrenaline pumping… underwater! You can take a break from the hot Greek sun and experience an exhilarating dive. Certified instructors will guide and train you so that you can explore a whole new world underwater!

Yoga & Pilates

If you happen to be a Yoga enthusiast or a Pilates fan, and you want to stay fit while in vacation, PSamathi provides exactly what you need. Yoga and Pilates in small groups is available, as well as personal yoga and Pilates rehabilitation. More than that, strength training, boxing and TRX are also some of your fitness options. What matters to you, matters to us, so we provide it!

Boat tour

Psamathi is at the epicenter of the most beautiful beaches in Chania, and also some of the least accessible ones. If you wish, you have the opportunity to rent a boat and explore the coastline of Chania, discover inaccessible beaches that you would never see otherwise, or simply reward yourself with the most spectacular feeling of diving in the open sea from the boat!